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Weathernews Philippines provides a wide range of services including:

Three time daily 3-D graphic weather show:
      GMA-7 Television

Weather Forecast that is broadcasted twice daily to a wide range of Radio Stations including :
      Manila Broadcasting

Full Color Graphic Forecasts and data provided to:
      Manila Bulletin
      Sun Star Newspapers

Weather forecasts updated at a daily basis to:
Manila Bulletin on Line

 Mobile Telephones
On line weather forecasts to:
      GLOBE Telecom
      SMART Telecommunications

Offshore Oil Rigs

We provide weather forecasts twice daily to Offshore Exploration oil rigs in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and China.The core product of the offshore industry remains a detailed Site-Specific Wind and Wave Forecast issued twice daily everyday by e-mail, InMarsat or fax.

This 2 to 3 day forecast maybe extended in more general terms to a long range out look of 5 to 7 days. Forecast charts include Actual and Forecast Synoptic Charts.


Local Philippine shipping forecasts can save hundreds of lives. Our clients appreciate the accurate and on time services that we provide.

Transportation and Building Industries

Our clients include Toll Roads both built and that are under construction. Our six hourly forecasts allow our clients to make their daily timetable during rainy seasons and tropical disturbances. In the construction industry we provide daily and three day forecasts, plus weather data such as rainfall, wind direction, humidity for up to thirty years for strategic planning.


Many planes that fly into the Philippines have no information regarding any weather data at the airport they are flying to. We at Weathernews are developing new, computerized models which will allow pilots to instantly obtain meter and taf data throughout the Philippines.

Typhoon Bulletins

Issued every six hours, the Weathernews Typhoon Bulletin goes to several parts of industry including ice cream manufacturers, hotels, resorts, shipping industries, mobile telephone cell sites, transportation companies and to the government.

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